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Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog

“Aided only by everyone I had worked with, was related to or had ever met, I single-handedly created this unique little epic. A supervillain musical, of which, as we all know, there are far too few. The idea was to make it on the fly, on the cheap – but to make it. To turn […]
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Jennifer Aniston's Sweater: Part Deux

Filed under the “Too important not to blog but kind of meh news” department comes word that TiVo has hooked up their TV service to Amazon’s eCommerce services. In what appears to be a move towards t-commerce, real-time merchandising is now a reality. Let’s start with some history: Jennifer Aniston’s Sweater refers to a concept […]
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Oh, But The Home Of The Future Is Sooooo 1939

The future home will probably be equipped with a number of control centers, from any one of which the homemaker can give her commands to appliances at work in the kitchen and laundry. Electric ranges already are equipped with automatic controls for temperature and cooking time, but there is no practical reason why these operations […]
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Writing Style for Print vs. Web

Link to Jakob Nielsen’s blog at useit.com Summary: Linear vs. non-linear. Author-driven vs. reader-driven. Storytelling vs. ruthless pursuit of actionable content. Anecdotal examples vs. comprehensive data. Sentences vs. fragments. Great explanation of the inherent differences in writing for the Web versus writing for print or TV. He identifies, in part, the way we write for […]
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Tell Me A Story… And It Better Be A Good One.

h/t to Slashdot for this… Apparently, there’re plans afoot to blend a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with a weekly TV show on the Sci-Fi Network in the US. Most of the reaction in the blogosphere have pointed towards this being ill-advised. I agree, but perhaps for different reasons than “It’s gonna suck.” […]
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Time Warner Gets Into The IPTV Game

Conventional wisdom pits the cable companies (or MSOs – Multiple Service Operators – as they’re known in the trade) against the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Sony as the next-generation delivery providers for entertainment content. Time Warner broke that mold this week with the announcement of their own IPTV strategy: One that unites PC-bound content […]
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Ad firm Spot Runner lands $51 million in funding

B2B Long Tail company Spot Runner has secured a ‘war chest’ of $51M to fend off challenges from deep pocketed competitors Google and, yes, Microsoft. It’s an interesting model they’ve got. Democratize production and distribution of television advertising through pre-fab TV spots (Customized with a business’s photos, logo and Voiceover) and localized (inexpensive) TV buys. […]
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Death of the sitcom frees up 2,000 Wikipedias worth of cognitive capacity – Boing Boing

Nothing too crazy here, but I really like the sentiment: “Cognitive surplus” [is] the idea that automation gave us an enormous amount of free time to think and cogitate, and that sitcoms and other light entertainment from the past century were a way of absorbing that surplus” Link: Death of the sitcom frees up 2,000 […]
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