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Living In High Definition

HDTV pundit and blogger Phillip Swann has a running set of posts on how celebrities and news folks (mostly women, mind you) were ‘holding up’ under the harsh, unforgiving lens of High Definition Television. From Caneron Diaz to Brad Pitt, Mr. Swann has catalogued the stars’s blemishes as revealed by the unflattering resolution of HDTV. […]
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What The Facebook TOS Brouhaha Is (Really) All About…

…And Why They Backed Off So Fast. There’s been a lot made of the Facebook TOS update that came out a few days ago, specifically the exclusion of a line that had assured users that all content they’d posted to their profile would be deleted if they chose to cancel their account with the service. […]
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Facebook | Mass Interpersonal Persuasion, or just a waste of time?

Fast Company is running an interview with Stanford Prof BJ Fogg, author of a new book about the social networking service. There are some interesting ideas, and also some rather outlandish ones. Of the more explorable is this tidbit: “A lot of our exposure to services and products is now going to be socially mediated. […]
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