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Mathew Ingram on The Symbian Unification

Globe & Mail Technology writer Mathew Ingram blogged this morning on Nokia’s announcement yesterday that they intend to acquire the outstanding shares of Symbian that they don’t already own, and together with a whole host of other mobile providers and vendors, will create an open source, unified and standard Mobile OS. From Nokia’s press release: […]
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The Big .Mac Mystery

On the heels of the WWDC next week, comes news of a possible, ever-so-slight shift in strategy on the part of Apple. From the New York Times Bits Blog: …there is a flurry of speculation about improvements to a minor icon an the Apple Pantheon: the .Mac online service. For six years, .Mac has been […]
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Facebook | Mass Interpersonal Persuasion, or just a waste of time?

Fast Company is running an interview with Stanford Prof BJ Fogg, author of a new book about the social networking service. There are some interesting ideas, and also some rather outlandish ones. Of the more explorable is this tidbit: “A lot of our exposure to services and products is now going to be socially mediated. […]
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Photoshop Express public beta adds Flickr support – Yahoo! News

From the Sorta Kinda Notable But Really Pretty Much Expected Dept.: “…enhancements to Photoshop Express include the ability to access photos through the popular Flickr service. You can download photos from a Flickr account into Photoshop Express, edit and add effects to them, then send them back to Flickr. Adobe has also added a new […]
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So I've been wondering…

…What is Apple’s strategy with Safari, exactly? Really… I mean with Firefox, Opera, IE, and others, what’s the reason that Apple is aggressively entering the Browser wars? Marc Andreesen can tell you that IE is a monster to compete with, and Firefox is whomping butt in the space. The other day, it struck me: Apple’s […]
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