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ArsTechnica examines "Made-In-Canada DMCA"

Ars Technica reviews the new Canadian Copyright Act (Bill C-61) and comes back with a distressing, albeit not entirely surprising analysis. The review can be found here What’s great about the review is that although it most definitely has a point-of-view (e.g. “…those pesky details… make even the “consumer-friendly” parts of the bill a bit […]
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Canadian Copyright, From The Horse's… Pen.

h/t to Michael Geist – GREAT op-ed essay on Canadian copyright reform in today’s Globe and Mail entitled Who Needs Copyright, Anyway?. Rather than being written by a member of the government, or a lawyer, or even a professor (sorry Dr. Geist), it’s written by John Degen, head of PWAC – the Professional Writers Association […]
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Ars Book Review: "The Pirate's Dilemma"

Referring back to my post about the merits of piracy ArsTechnica is running a book review on former UK Pirate DJ Matthew Mason’s The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism. Mason argues, among other things that the US was largely founded on piracy, and not just of the Hollywood variety: “During the nineteenth […]
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