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Mathew Ingram on The Symbian Unification

Globe & Mail Technology writer Mathew Ingram blogged this morning on Nokia’s announcement yesterday that they intend to acquire the outstanding shares of Symbian that they don’t already own, and together with a whole host of other mobile providers and vendors, will create an open source, unified and standard Mobile OS. From Nokia’s press release: […]
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The Revolution Will Be Home-Brewed.

I have a modded XBOX hooked up to my TV. In addition to playing XBOX games, it has a few custom applications courtesy of a few hundred amateur developers. These non-standard features include a dashboard that shows me current and forecast weather conditions. It’s connected to my network, allowing me to play rips of my […]
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Ars Book Review: "The Pirate's Dilemma"

Referring back to my post about the merits of piracy ArsTechnica is running a book review on former UK Pirate DJ Matthew Mason’s The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism. Mason argues, among other things that the US was largely founded on piracy, and not just of the Hollywood variety: “During the nineteenth […]
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Open Source Movie

I’ve been wondering for a while what an open source movie would look like, and now I have my answer. Wreck-A-Movie, fresh from its creators’ first mashed-up movie, Star Wreck. Slashdot has a great summary of the history of this site: “These are the same guys who brought us Star Wreck, the most successful feature-length […]
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Flashing The Flash: Adobe Opens Up

h/t to Slashdot on this one: Adobe has opened up their proprietary Flash formats – SWF & FLV to the developer community, removed licensing restrictions for the playback, and is making the mobile player available for free. They are doing to Macromedia’s flagship product (since having acquired it 3 short years ago) what they were […]
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