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The Rule of Three is Dead

Conventional wisdom suggests that celebrity deaths occur in threes.  Just where this notion comes from is a bit of a mystery, likely solved to some satisfaction with a relatively brief Google search.  And yet the events of the past week or so have laid this concept to a sudden and hopefully peaceful rest. It all […]
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The Super-Super Star

From armchair quartebacking to gossiping about celebrities and neighbors alike, the vast majority of people in the world love to talk about other people. It’s a way of connecting to something universally shared, and of expressing opinions that can be well thought through, well reasoned, emotionally conceived or even passionately regarded. In any of these […]
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The Awesome Prescience of McCluhan

It always astonishes me, although I’m long since the time that I should be astonished, at the prescience and genius of McLuhan. How was he able to peer into the future as he did? He himself observed that: “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” It seems […]
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