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Legislating The Speed (Limit) of Light

I’ve been thinking a lot about the talk that Jim Carroll gave at the Tech Alliance Power breakfast (much of which was cataloged here and examined in greater depth by the good folks at Honey Design and by David Canton). The question that keeps coming to my mind is this: If innovation moves faster and […]
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What The Facebook TOS Brouhaha Is (Really) All About…

…And Why They Backed Off So Fast. There’s been a lot made of the Facebook TOS update that came out a few days ago, specifically the exclusion of a line that had assured users that all content they’d posted to their profile would be deleted if they chose to cancel their account with the service. […]
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Michael Geist on Rogers' iPhone Plans

I’m travelling this week, but want to blog this story. I have specific thoughts about the real threat that wireless pricing and Bill C-61 have for Canadian industry, but for now, Michael Geist has written a great piece on Rogers’ plans… Michael Geist – Canadians Face Triple Lock on Apple iPhone
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Mathew Ingram on The Symbian Unification

Globe & Mail Technology writer Mathew Ingram blogged this morning on Nokia’s announcement yesterday that they intend to acquire the outstanding shares of Symbian that they don’t already own, and together with a whole host of other mobile providers and vendors, will create an open source, unified and standard Mobile OS. From Nokia’s press release: […]
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The Big .Mac Mystery

On the heels of the WWDC next week, comes news of a possible, ever-so-slight shift in strategy on the part of Apple. From the New York Times Bits Blog: …there is a flurry of speculation about improvements to a minor icon an the Apple Pantheon: the .Mac online service. For six years, .Mac has been […]
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Michael Geist on Canada's Wireless Crisis

Michael Geist’s most excellent blog elucidates a point I made in a previous posting here; Namely, that the state of the wireless industry in Canada is a sad one, and that the lack of competition in the country is hurting our ability to innovate and compete on the world stage. “In many ways, the iPhone […]
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It's Official: Rogers bringing iPhone to Canada

The Globe and Mail are reporting this morning that, as expected, Rogers is indeed going to carry the iPhone in Canada sometime “later this year.” No word yet on whether or not there will be any movement on flat-rate data and voice plans (a hallmark of the Apple deal with AT&T; and other carriers). “‘We’re […]
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iPhone 3G coming to Canada?

The Toronto Star is now reporting that the 3G iPhone will be not only coming out this summer, but that Rogers will carry it. My favourite parts of the article had nothing to do with the iPhone per se, but rather with data pricing in Canada: “It has been widely speculated that the stumbling block […]
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