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Matthew Ingram on Gmail Labs

Matthew Ingram is weighing in on Google’s new “Google Labs” service on their gMail application: ”Labs” allows users to try out all kinds of new features and then immediately let Gmail developers know what they think. As a User Experience practitioner myself, one of the biggest misnomers I have to overcome personally and with those […]
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Ad firm Spot Runner lands $51 million in funding

B2B Long Tail company Spot Runner has secured a ‘war chest’ of $51M to fend off challenges from deep pocketed competitors Google and, yes, Microsoft. It’s an interesting model they’ve got. Democratize production and distribution of television advertising through pre-fab TV spots (Customized with a business’s photos, logo and Voiceover) and localized (inexpensive) TV buys. […]
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In Play… New Media Consolidates (again)

Yahoo is still in play, according to Jerry Yang, Cringely has suggested that Adobe is in the cross hairs of Apple’s sights, Adobe has opened up Flash (and Air) as a service-based platform, Amazon & Apple both have rich-media pervasive devices, Microsoft is ‘meshing’ up Live, and Google is holding Verizon’s feet to the fire. […]
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