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The Rule of Three is Dead

Conventional wisdom suggests that celebrity deaths occur in threes.  Just where this notion comes from is a bit of a mystery, likely solved to some satisfaction with a relatively brief Google search.  And yet the events of the past week or so have laid this concept to a sudden and hopefully peaceful rest. It all […]
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Museum Underground Is Looking For Cool

Museum Underground is putting on another event at Museum London, this time on the front lawn of the Museum! From the Facebook Event Page: WE’RE LOOKING FOR COOL! Bring your coolest artifacts, original art or collected art down to the lawn and show it to the curators. At the end of the day we’ll present the […]
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Living In High Definition

HDTV pundit and blogger Phillip Swann has a running set of posts on how celebrities and news folks (mostly women, mind you) were ‘holding up’ under the harsh, unforgiving lens of High Definition Television. From Caneron Diaz to Brad Pitt, Mr. Swann has catalogued the stars’s blemishes as revealed by the unflattering resolution of HDTV. […]
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Painted Violins . . . Strung Out on the Arts

Orchestra London is putting on the cocktail party event of the summer. I’m very excited to be attending and have set up this page for non-facebookers who are interested! The Deets: Date & Time: 18 June 2009, 6:30PM – 11:00PM Location: Museum London Street: 421 Ridout Street North Phone for tix & info: 519.679.8778 From the […]
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Interesting Update!

Referring to the post I made a couple of days ago, Michael Geist is reporting that the Canadian Patent Appeal Board Rules Against Business Method Patents, specifically against the Amazon one-click patent in Canada. While the patent still stands in the US (as do many business method patents), this is good news for Canadian innovation.
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London Free Press Events Poll

You know how I voted 🙂 You can write in your favourite festival (if it’s not listed) under “Other”
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Legislating The Speed (Limit) of Light

I’ve been thinking a lot about the talk that Jim Carroll gave at the Tech Alliance Power breakfast (much of which was cataloged here and examined in greater depth by the good folks at Honey Design and by David Canton). The question that keeps coming to my mind is this: If innovation moves faster and […]
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London Poetry Slam Live Stream

I’ll be live streaming this month’s London Poetry Slam from the Blackshire pub in London, Ontario, Canada.  You can watch it here, or if you’re in London, come to the event! Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV The London Poetry Slam is now at the Black Shire Pub on the last Tuesday of each month. Do not […]
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Blogger to WordPress

I’ve finally made the leap from Blogger to WordPress, and while the migration was relatively easy, I’m still using an unmodified, canned template. I’ll be doing some construction & remodelling (how web 1.0 is that!) soon, but will be more frequently posting now that the migration is complete.
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Presso Review

I actually own one of these devices, and in addition to roasting my own coffee, I enjoy trying to make the best cup of coffee possible. I enjoy both the Mukka and, more importantly the French Press (great video instructions here – click on ‘crafting the perfect cup’). I have, on occassion tried different methods […]
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