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Making the Best of the “B” in BRT

Don’t let the title fool you, I’m profoundly disappointed that we’re not electing to pursue LRT. I, like many of the readers here (I’m sure) am sad that we have let go of an opportunity for light rail in our city, and  I have spent the last few days reading and re-reading the arguments, the […]
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Open Letter #3 – Our Last Opportunity

Dear Councillor Brown, I wanted to take this opportunity as a constituent in your ward – in advance of the vote later today – to provide one final, strong voice of advocacy in favour of approving the additional funds requested by Fanshawe College to build out the Kingsmill’s site as a phase II campus. I […]
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A Response & A Reply Re. Fanshawe and Kingsmills

Note: I received a response on Saturday afternoon from Councillor Denise Brown, I have asked her permission to post it here, and will do so in the event that she grants that permission. The following is my reply to her response. To: Councillor Denise Brown cc: Janette MacDonald, Joel Adams, Bob Usher Hello, Councillor Brown, […]
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Fanshawe & Kingsmill’s: An Open Letter To Denise Brown

To: Councillor Denise Brown, Ward 11 CC: Janette MacDonald, Executive Director, Downtown London Dear Councillor Brown, I am writing to you today to strongly advocate that you accept Downtown London’s proposal to re-open discussions regarding providing municipal support for Fanshawe College’s interest in purchasing the Kingsmill’s building referenced in this London Free Press article. I […]
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The Spaces Between Us

Note: This is the first in a series meant to inform our municipal election. I’m not running for office myself, so I’ve created an “Open Source” political platform to help form consensus for the next four years – and beyond – in London, Ontario. The Spaces Between Us – Part I: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles […]
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Before The Gloves Come Off

I’m of the belief that all citizens of London, Ontario want to live in a city that we continue to be proud to call home; a place that people from around the globe aspire to emigrate to; a place where global businesses see a future bright with opportunity for growth and innovation; a place where […]
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Don’t Let Social Media Become the Internet’s Catty Corner

Nearly a decade ago, I sent a very angry e-mail to a group of colleagues at the startup company I was working for at the time.  It was rancorous, it was self-righteous, above all… I was right, goldarnit. Shortly after I sent the missive, my boss – the CEO of the 80-person-strong startup I was […]
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Robin & Sagi Mini-blog

For all of the friends and family following this blog – please check out my mini blog of Robin & Sagi’s wedding. You can find it at and I promise to update it with the latest and greatest from the Wedding festivities (along with points of interest from here in Israel) as the week […]
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Canada 3.0 And The Illusion Of Scarcity

The other night I was having dinner with a friend and her teen-aged daughter who – not unlike many of her age – was struggling with the idea that some people, specifically those of a ‘wiser’ generation, just didn’t understand things like the Internet, Facebook, iPods, and the like. We tried to explain to her […]
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Social Media for the Arts: An Un-Conference

After a conversation with Andrea Halwa, Executive Director at The London Arts Council, followed by a subsequent conversation with Carol Kehoe, Partnerships Manager at Museum London, I have become involved in organizing an Un-Conference on Social Media for the Arts. This event will feature a full-day of sessions and discussions that seeks to connect artists, […]
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