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A Response & A Reply Re. Fanshawe and Kingsmills

Note: I received a response on Saturday afternoon from Councillor Denise Brown, I have asked her permission to post it here, and will do so in the event that she grants that permission. The following is my reply to her response. To: Councillor Denise Brown cc: Janette MacDonald, Joel Adams, Bob Usher Hello, Councillor Brown, […]
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Fanshawe & Kingsmill’s: An Open Letter To Denise Brown

To: Councillor Denise Brown, Ward 11 CC: Janette MacDonald, Executive Director, Downtown London Dear Councillor Brown, I am writing to you today to strongly advocate that you accept Downtown London’s proposal to re-open discussions regarding providing municipal support for Fanshawe College’s interest in purchasing the Kingsmill’s building referenced in this London Free Press article. I […]
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