Monthly Archives: August 2008

And We're Back

As many are aware, I’ve left EK3 to focus on teaching, writing, and personal projects full time. That will also mean more frequent blog postings. Leaving EK3 was a tough decision. There are many great people there, and the work that’s being done in those offices on York St. is truly innovative and exciting; Yet, […]
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In Your Face(book) Spam

Advertising media – the term for the way that ads get put in front of us – is a little like water in that it will insidiously seep into every part of our lives. Marketers, having recently discovered the Long Tail and the viral network effects of social engineering, are also looking at ways to […]
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A Break In Blogging

I have been noticeably slow in posting and blogging lately due to some personal circumstances that are on the cusp of being resolved (everything’s fine, just making some life choices). I will resume blogging in a week or two.
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