Michael Geist on Canada's Wireless Crisis

Michael Geist’s most excellent blog elucidates a point I made in a previous posting here; Namely, that the state of the wireless industry in Canada is a sad one, and that the lack of competition in the country is hurting our ability to innovate and compete on the world stage.

“In many ways, the iPhone saga merely confirmed what many Canadian consumers and businesses have known for some time. Mobile data pricing in Canada is among the highest in the world, creating a significant barrier to the introduction of new mobile services and causing many consumers to carefully ration their mobile use for fear of being hit with a hefty bill at the end of the month.”

I was VERY surprised (and disappointed) to learn the following:

“The impact of uncompetitive pricing is felt beyond the consumer market. Last month, the World Economic Forum pointed to problems in the wireless market as a key reason for Canada’s slipping global ranking for “network readiness” (Canada has moved from 6th worldwide in 2005 to 13th today). Canada ranked 75th in the number of mobile subscribers, trailing countries such as El Salvador, Kazahkstan, and Libya. It also lagged behind countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, Sweden, and Norway on mobile pricing.”


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