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Time Warner Gets Into The IPTV Game

Conventional wisdom pits the cable companies (or MSOs – Multiple Service Operators – as they’re known in the trade) against the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Sony as the next-generation delivery providers for entertainment content. Time Warner broke that mold this week with the announcement of their own IPTV strategy: One that unites PC-bound content […]
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The Revolution Will Be Home-Brewed.

I have a modded XBOX hooked up to my TV. In addition to playing XBOX games, it has a few custom applications courtesy of a few hundred amateur developers. These non-standard features include a dashboard that shows me current and forecast weather conditions. It’s connected to my network, allowing me to play rips of my […]
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Bell Rings Itself

From The Globe & Mail’s Jack Kapica: Bell announced this morning it has opened the online Bell Video Store, which will sell and rent movies and TV shows, and it has already run into an issue that has little to do with buying or renting videos. The moment the news hit, the reactions were loud […]
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Michael Geist | 10 More Questions for Industry Minister Prentice

Michael Geist writes today: Last fall, as Industry Minister Jim Prentice was preparing to introduce new copyright legislation, I wrote an article in the Hill Times posing ten questions to Prentice about the forthcoming bill. Many of the questions – which focused on issues such as flexibility in implementing international copyright treaties, concern about the […]
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Forrester: The Future of Apple? out of Australia is running an article today on a new report by Forrester entitled “The Future of Apple.” Rather than cite the ITNews article, here’s the abstract from Forrester: Consumer product strategists frequently ask Forrester how Apple’s product strategy will evolve: What will Apple’s product portfolio look like five years from now, and […]
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NYTimes: Cloud Computing: So You Don’t Have to Stand Still

NY Times today has a great article explaining the concept of Cloud Computing. Have a look: Prototype – Cloud Computing – So You Don’t Have to Stand Still –
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P2P – IPTV Killer App?

According to Slashdot, the guys over at Cornell have devised something REALLY interesting. It’s a plug-in for a bit torrent client called Azureus that “Listens” to the torrents you’re on and the responds to search queries, and is decentralized, read: immune from the traditional legal actions on companys like The Pirate Bay and Oink. From […]
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Readymade > Fontastic

From our DIY friends over at Readymade comes word of a uber nifty web 2.0 App. Made by the folks behind “Fontbook” a large online retailer of typefaces, it’s an interesting business play and a natural extension of user-generated creative application: Want to create your own logo or spice up the header for your blog? […]
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Netflix to Sell a Device for Instantly Watching Movies on TV Sets – New York Times

IPTV’s slow march takes another step, and then yawns… Given that the blog title tells the whole story, I’m not sure that this is really ‘news.’ The one bit of interest here? Long tail darling Netflix is fighting back against Apple & Amazon, to be sure. But… can they beat Blockbuster/Circuit City? We’re years away […]
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Canadian Copyright, From The Horse's… Pen.

h/t to Michael Geist – GREAT op-ed essay on Canadian copyright reform in today’s Globe and Mail entitled Who Needs Copyright, Anyway?. Rather than being written by a member of the government, or a lawyer, or even a professor (sorry Dr. Geist), it’s written by John Degen, head of PWAC – the Professional Writers Association […]
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