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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Corporate Culture @ Google

Shorter post, this time from Fast Company: David Glazer, Engineering Director, Google. Amazing description of their corporate culture
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The Long Tail Meets The Two Grids

“…There are a few indisputable facts — control has been taken away from the ‘four major labels’ and the traditional media outlets. We, the ‘masses,’ now have access to create, distribute, discover, promote, share and listen to any music.” Slashdot has a thread going on Jeff Price, the internet music distributor.  This same conversation is […]
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Richard Florida: Obama and the Creative Class

In case you’re not quite sure why I’m blogging this reprint of Florida’s Creative Class column from the Globe & Mail, replace “Creative Class” with Technocrati: To wit: “What we’re seeing is not a red-state, blue-state divide, but something much bigger, if more calibrated. Mr. Obama consistently polls strongest in cities and regions with significant […]
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Browser Wars 2.0

I know a lot of people have been talking about this for a while, but the next browser way is really heating up. Points in case:This story from Webware entitled Firefox will push out the edges of the browser talks about the roadmap for the #2 browser (emphasis added): [VP of Labs for Mozilla Chris […]
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Adobe Launches Photoshop Express in Beta

h/t to Ars Technica for the news: Adobe has launched Photoshop Express (beta) with 2GB of storage & 10MB/JPG restriction. The real news? The SaaS method is completely free and provides a welcome alternative to downloaded software. Moreover, this is the third example of a rich media SaaS app that is being delivered to the […]
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My First Post

The focus of this blog is on emerging media platforms, and revolving around my notion that everything we do online has a directly analogous offline equivalent. I’ve tried blogging in the past, but this time’s a little more interesting (and shorter). I’ll explore online and IPTV video, second life, and techno-culture. I’ll invite conversation and […]
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